1. DOMAIN CHANGE – SUNSETBC.CO – [email protected]

Yes, sunsetbc.ca has been seized and unfortunately is not available for use. This seizure has not affected our backend, emails, or released any sensitive data.

For future customer service inquiries or to see the menu please contact [email protected] or SUNSETBC.CO



We have been working with Canvas Labs to create a panel to test for CRC contaminants as well as other foreign materials. Any customer or producer can now contact Canvas Labs and ask for foreign material testing specifically for CRC contaminants.

We now have the entire menu tested and results available in product descriptions as well as publicly through Canvas Labs.

We tested old batches of live resin and everything we currently stock. Every product has passed foreign material testing. As we said all along the isopropyl test was not an accurate way to determine contaminants.

If anyone is interested in viewing all of the tests they are available here in PDF format: https://anonymousfiles.io/DVAPF7bo/

All of the QR codes are scannable to verify with Canvas Labs website since the tests are public as well.

To everyone that believed our products were contaminated: My team and I sincerely apologize for this misinformation and fear that resulted. We’ve always taken pride in our products and do our due diligence to make sure we followed the best procedures and guidelines available in the industry.

To the few people responsible for creating this “CRC Contamination” and coming after us so vigilantly, feel free to call Canvas Labs and find our public profile available. We have had 50 products dating back from beginning of December. Not a single one failed.



The CRC fiasco that hit us fucked us hard. We refunded hundreds of orders without any confirmation on contaminated product to try and stick to our values and keep our customers happy. We got overwhelmed and started believing our own product was contaminated.

Moving forward there will be no refunds on live resin for the reason of contamination, and the live resin will be back into production and on the menu shortly.

We have setup live chat which will be available Monday to Friday to quickly answer questions and resolve issues from 10pm – 4pm PST.


4. COVID-19

Business will continue as usual until Canada Post shuts down or one of our team members becomes ill. We will do our best to stay safe and hope all our customers do the same. This is an extremely weird event for everyone and we wish everyone peace and health in this time.



We will continually test new batches of product and stay on top of industry practices. Anyone with a customer service issue we hope the live chat option brings quick resolutions.

Any questions, comments or concerns please reach out to us @ [email protected] or through our live chat.

Much appreciated and best wishes to everyone,

Sunset Team


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