Watermelon FSE

Similar consistency to resin, very terpy

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Similar consistency to resin, very terpy


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  1. JefShel


    LOL first let me say it looks way better in person . I mean it already looks great in the pic but wait till you see it in the real. Really nice texture . Not as wet as the live resins. But not as chunky as diamonds smoother texture but kinda dry sugary with terpy oils throughout if that makes any sense. This is the third product I’m reviewing so bare with me I’m flying right now . The taste is out of this world. It just stays on your tongue after like a great aftertaste and I’m friggin high as balls lol this stuff is on point for the price .
    Trust me I’m a picky, complaining, hard to please dabber and these guys just knocked it out of the park with this order all three products are fire

  2. JefShel

    Holy shit this stuff tastes good

  3. Only_Dabs#[email protected]%$&


  4. Kdipizzo

    Mmmm this watermelon is so far my favorite out of everything I’ve tried so far. It is smooth tasty and is an amazing hybrid high, I can definitely dab this all day 🤤

  5. jmiko

    Have dabbed a 1/4 oz worth. Terpy, smooth and potent. Classic solid Watermelon buzz good for morning, day and night. Leaves coils and nails fairly clean. 10\10 at a fair price.

  6. Mattusphere

    Literally one of the best tasting extracts Icve ever had. Would buy again. Repeatedly.

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