Zig Zag Hash

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  1. JuicE

    Loving this hash got so ripped,has a nice hard texture and softens when warmed, colour is nice and dark and smells awesome. It’s a steal at this price.

  2. Tolys

    Good texture, good flavour. Burns clean, total steal at this price!!

  3. 24366

    Top notch hash. Deep and rich earthy taste, while the effects left me high a with a strong body high. Prices best on the web. If this is in stock, buy it.

  4. Benayy

    Personally some of my favorite hands down for the price! Texture is fantastic overall! Nice golden brown on the inside & makes for great smoke! Ive enjoyed it everyway, Knives/bongs & splifs, 11/10!

  5. chicken

    This is some of the best hash I’ve bought online so far. Taste, smell, texture, potency, it has it all. Great stuff for the price I paid.

  6. Zinczn

    For the price I don’t understand how this hash is still up, as soon as I smoked some I was on my phone placing an order for another ounce, total steal!

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