Starburst HCFSE

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Packaged in ounce jars with clear PTFE to prevent leaking.


Diamonds only, intended to be mix & matched with sauce for best results.

Brighter white color than the picture. New batch, same strain, same nose! Pink starbursts!


Gram, Quarter, Half Ounce, Ounce


  1. Oshiko

    C.R.A.Z.Y potent stuff !
    Sunsetbc are the place to choice to shop online !
    Try them – you wont be disapointed !
    Iam not a bot – i did not get paid to review the product – all is 100 % true and authentic
    Thanks ! 10/10

  2. Rufusrips

    I was really happy with this purchase, potent like a slap in the face first thing in the morning with a hint of this sweet candy flavor not unlike the Starburst candy🤘

  3. Only_Dabs#[email protected]%$&

    Weird mine was pure white and had no taste at all . Someone forgot my Terps I guess. Was completely looking forward to it after it was reccomended on reditt . 😥

  4. chicken

    Looked like crystal, everyone who saw it did a double take. Had a taste like sweet coconut and a delicate touch that could floor you. I turned a lot of people onto your site with this one.

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