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Packaged in ounce jars with clear PTFE to prevent leaking.


Diamonds only, intended to be mix & matched with sauce for best results.

From the guru flower. Unfortunately we have no more information on strain except it is Kush Mints, Gelato, Or Jungle Cake.
Smell is absolutely fire sweetness

THC: 80.3% Safety: Pass.


Gram, Quarter, Half Ounce, Ounce


  1. Bagus

    Smooth, buttery flavour with some sweet fruity notes. Full tasting and fast hitting with lasting effects. Would have bought more had it been on sale then.

  2. Straka93

    This shit is so kills. Tastes phenomenal, and smells incredible. My first order with sunset
    and they delivered will be back for sure.

    Waiting for that re stock!

  3. Rufusrips

    The texture is a little unusual, but the flavor on this is very satisfying with a lasting “open eyed” heady stonešŸ¤˜

  4. Mattusphere

    Found that it had an awesome burst of tangy flavour when enjoyed low temp, consitancy is a little different, kind of crumbly and doesn’t stick to everything.

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